So you want to be a cosmetologist — that’s great! Maybe you’re only beginning to think about pursuing a career in cosmetology, or maybe you’re determined and ready to commit to a new career, either way you’re going to start researching to find your dream cosmetology school! In our blog we cover topics like how to choose the right cosmetology school for you, myths about following a career in cosmetology, and why cosmetology might be the right journey for your life. Stay tuned to learn more news, tips, and reasons that cosmetology school and South Hills Beauty Academy is the best choice for your beauty education!

  1. 8 Reasons Why You Should Make the Career Switch to Cosmetologist

    Are you tired of working in retail or the food industry? Do you hate grinding away from 9-5, or worse, juggling two or more jobs to make ends meet? Do you have to work when everyone else has the day off, and you just wish you had a better schedule? Would you just swoon over being able to work for yo…Read More

  2. Happy New Year from South Hills and North Hills Beauty Academy

    Happy New Year to all our students, prospective students, and clients from the community. We had a wonderful year, full of highlights and good moments, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for all you have done with SHNH Beauty Academy, and we look forward to a great year to come. 20…Read More