• Are you tired of working in retail or the food industry?
  • Do you hate grinding away from 9-5, or worse, juggling two or more jobs to make ends meet?
  • Do you have to work when everyone else has the day off, and you just wish you had a better schedule?
  • Would you just swoon over being able to work for yourself, set your own hours, and choose the ideal work environment?
  • Have you longed to become financially independent?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, why not try cosmetology? Whether you have been thinking of learning cosmetology for a long time or the idea has never occurred to you, becoming a licensed cosmetologist can be a rewarding and interesting career that opens up new opportunities for you. In this blog post from our cosmetology school in Pittsburgh, we’d like to share some reasons why you should get trained as a cosmetologist.

1. You (might) get to set your own hours

Cutting hair is one of the most flexible things that you can do for a living, and if you need a particular schedule, you can usually achieve that. This is true when you work for yourself, but it can even be the case when you work for a hair salon. The fact is that there are people who need haircuts at all hours of the day, so pick your hours!

2. It’s possible to work from home

Many cosmetologists choose to rent chair space in a professional business location, but this is not necessary; if you need to work from home because you’re caring for kids or an elderly relative, or if you just want to work from home, this is a very viable operation. Many cosmetologists have created a dedicated space in their home for serving clients, and you can earn a good living this way. Even if your home is in a rural area, the quality of your work can spread and people will be coming far and wide to see you.

3. You get paid to stay up-to-date on fashion trends

Are you a fashionista at heart? Would you study current trends and styles on your own initiative, whether or not you ever got paid for it? Are you constantly inventing ways to discover all the juicy details about celebrity hairstyles, makeup, and nails? Do you instantly notice the details of someone’s makeup, haircut, and manicure when you’re out in public? If you are doing all this anyway, why not get paid for it? Being a cosmetologist, you’ll not only be able to give way to your love of beauty, you’ll be seen as an authority on all things fashion by your friends and the community.

4. Cosmetology ranks high in job satisfaction ratings

Have you wondered to yourself, “Sure, it looks great from the outside, but is it really as wonderful once you’re doing it day in and day out?” You don’t have to be concerned. Survey results consistently place cosmetologist careers near the top when it comes to job satisfaction. And why wouldn’t it be that way? You’re not under the thumb of a manager who is squeezing you for every ounce of production that they can wring out of you. The main person you have to please is your customer. And your interactions with coworkers is almost always fabulous.

5. It lets you be an artist (without the starving bit)

Are you one of those people who is just brimming with creativity and artistic ability, but no one will pay you for your art? Guess what? They will open up their wallets for you to make them beautiful. While not everyone has the means to collect fine art on canvas, everyone has a beautiful face that you can use as your canvas. You’ll have the chance to give in to your artistic side every day without wondering where your next meal is going to come from.

6. Your job will never be outsourced or downsized

Everyone has hair. (Okay, almost everyone.) Everyone has a face. Everyone has nails. Everyone has an innate desire to portray themselves well and look great. (Okay, almost everyone.) And no one can download a haircut over the internet or get their haircut from someone overseas who charges half as much as an American would. People will always need a beautician who is local. That’s never going to change. So no matter how much technology changes other parts of the economy, your job will continue to be relatively stable, predictable, and valued by the community.

7. There’s plenty of upward mobility

Banish the thought of working at Cost Cutters for the rest of your life. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there is an ample scope for things that you can do and learn (and teach!) in order to move you up and establish you as an expert. Not everyone can be a personal stylist to the celebrities, but you can do things to increase your earning potential. For instance, did you know that if you get certified for microblading brow design, just having two clients a week at $600 each would mean that you could make $62,000 per year. In other words, the reins are in your hands, and you can design your path the way you want it to look.

8. It’s a job full of infinite variety and interest

With so many different things that you can do just with hair, you’ll probably never get tired of that piece alone. However, even if you do, there are so many other things that you can either dabble or specialize in, you could probably spend several lifetimes without getting bored. Once you’ve gotten good at hair, skin, and nails, why not move on to more advanced techniques, like microblading, chemical peel, eyelash extensions, or airbrush makeup? And if you get through all those and are still hungry for more, don’t worry—there will be more trends and technologies coming down the pipeline that maybe haven’t been thought of yet. Better still, maybe your own innovation will be the next breakthrough.

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