Assorted makeup brushes stand upright in a dark brass container. Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash.

When you’re passionate about beauty and makeup, it’s hard to stop yourself from delving into all of the latest trends and techniques. While it’s certainly enjoyable to pass a few hours telling your friends about all the aesthetic abilities you’ve been studying, have you ever truly thought about turning your passion for cosmetology into a career?

If you’re certain that your love of beauty techniques is more than just a passing fancy, then this is the perfect how-to article for you. We’ll address the necessary steps you need to take in order to become the cosmetology instructor you were always meant to be! To learn more about what the instructor courses of our beauty academy have to offer, please visit South Hills Beauty Academy online today.

What Is Cosmetology?

Okay, you might have a love of makeup or nail art, but does that mean you’re really meant to follow the career path to becoming a cosmetology instructor? It helps to have a strong grasp of what exactly this specialized field of beautification entails.

Simply defined in an academic sense, cosmetology is an area of study that teaches practitioners how to execute technical skills in the services of hair, nail, and skincare. As a profession, cosmetology can have a wide range of applications including hair coloring and cutting, airbrush makeup, eyelash extension, and even spa services. However, most cosmetologists and cosmetology instructors begin their careers in a beauty academy of some sort, where they develop and refine their prowess in the fundamentals of aesthetic enhancement.

How Do You Become A Cosmetology Instructor?

The first step to becoming a professional cosmetology instructor is to apply for a vocational training program or beauty academy curriculum. Completion of this training will leave you with either a certificate, degree, or educational credential of some kind. 

When taking an instructor course at an institution like South Hills Beauty Academy, you’ll develop all the necessary technical abilities required for classroom management, teaching skills, grading methods, and lesson planning. The credentials you acquire at South Hills in Baltimore will leave you more than prepared for a job as a cosmetologist, esthetician, skincare consultant, or nail technician. Whether you choose one of these beauty careers or try them all throughout your professional life, you can rest assured that our comprehensive curriculum will give you the tools to become successful in any and all spheres of the beauty industry that interest you.

What Kinds Of Classes Does A Cosmetology Instructor Take?

Every cosmetology program will have a slightly different style of teaching and educational material, but at South Hill Beauty Academy, our rigorous 500-hour course is broken down into four categories of specialized learning. Students of our cosmetology instructor program will begin with an academic overview of the subject, then progress to clinical applications (with student teaching practice!). Following this second stage, future cosmetology pros will learn the business methods required to successfully manage a salon. Finally, students will obtain training in the importance of professional ethics, state law reviews for cosmetologists, and even get valuable experience taking a mock state-board examination.

Ready to Start Your Career In Cosmetology?

If you’ve read this article and feel passionate about becoming a cosmetology instructor or aesthetic practitioner of some kind, you’re in the right place! At South Hills Beauty Academy in Baltimore, we offer specialized training in a diverse range of cosmetic procedures and professions. To learn more about our courses, advanced classes, and financial aid options, please contact us today!