For most careers, education is invaluable. Taking classes may be necessary to start out in a new field or to advance in your current field. The same is true for the cosmetology industry. For hairstylists, makeup artists, and estheticians alike a comprehensive education is imperative for career success. In most cases, you will need to be licensed or certified and have a certain number of hours under your belt before you can work full-time in this industry. Cosmetology school can seem like a daunting undertaking, but the results are worth it. Your beauty and wellness education can set you up for a fruitful, life-long career. 

At South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy in Pittsburgh, we understand the value of a good education. For the past 50 years, we have offered comprehensive courses in cosmetology, hair styling, and esthetics that have opened numerous doors for our graduates’ future careers. 

Essential Beauty and Wellness Courses

A thorough education in beauty and wellness provides you with the essential skills required for your future career. In most cases, you will also be putting in many hours of practice that gives you crucial experience. Most employers will require that you have received an education in your area of practice and already have a certain number of hours under your belt. With our student salon and spa, you have the opportunity to practice your new skills and techniques on real clients. These classes also help you build a foundation for your future career by allowing you to network and build relationships with people in the industry. At South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy, we offer essential coursework in the following areas:

On-Going Education: Advancing Your Career

In addition to beginning and essential coursework, South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy also offers advanced classes. If you have already completed your essential cosmetology coursework, advanced courses can provide further benefit to your career. By taking these more advanced and specialized courses, you can add new skills to your resume making you more appealing to employers. Many salons and spas employ cosmetologists who have a diverse skill set and can work in more than one area of cosmetology such as hairstyling, makeup application, esthetics, nails, and more. By adding new skills to your resume, you will also be increasing your earning potential as a cosmetologist. Additionally, our advanced courses are less of a time commitment, since you will have already completed so many hours in essential training classes. Our curriculum of advanced classes includes:

Career Prospects

You may be wondering, after so much time and money invested in your education, what are your actual career prospects? With an education in any area of beauty and wellness, the potential career opportunities are innumerable. Cosmetology licenses and certifications typically demand many hours of coursework and practice, so each student starts their career with invaluable experience. Makeup and hair professionals are in high demand in the fashion, magazine, and runway industry. The same goes for TV, film, and theatre. You may also be interested in individual client work, such as wedding makeup or hair. You may even be interested in working in all of these industries simultaneously. If after a while you would like to transition away from client work, we also offer an Instructor Program where you can learn how to be a cosmetology instructor and use your skills to help the next generation of cosmetologists. 

While some cosmetologists work in salons or spas, there is also the option to be self-employed. Freelance cosmetology is high-demand work, with the potential for major career success. The option to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and do the work you want to do is appealing to many successful cosmetologists. All of the potential career paths offer a creative career path as well as day-to-day variety. 

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