A career in cosmetology offers you the opportunity to combine your natural skills, creativity, and financial success. While this is an ideal career for a lot of people, it also requires a large time and financial commitment to get started. Every state has licensing requirements for cosmetologists, and this means that you will have to attend an accredited cosmetology school. Before you commit to beginning your education, it is helpful to know what to expect when you are attending cosmetology school. 

Luckily, our cosmetology school can provide some helpful insights. South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy has been providing top beauty and cosmetology courses in Pittsburgh for 50 years. 

Length of the Program

As we mentioned, cosmetology school comes with a certain level of time commitment. Our program consists of 1,250 hours of instruction and practice in the areas of hair, skincare, and nails. The length of this program ensures that you will be well-rounded in all aspects of cosmetology before graduation. 


An important component of cosmetology school is the actual teaching and instruction. You will take classes from top instructors in all areas of cosmetology. As a result, you can expect to learn advanced methods in hairstyling, haircutting, color, and chemical texturizing. We also provide instruction in makeup application, skincare, waxing services, manicures, and pedicures. 

Supervised Training

Cosmetology school doesn’t only consist of listening and taking notes. You will also complete supervised training by our clinic instructors. This allows you to fully learn each area of cosmetology outside of the textbook and lecture. Supervised training also allows you to get instant feedback from your experienced instructor. 

Hands-On Experience

With the supervised training, a large part of your program allows you to get hands-on experience. This is valuable not only for your licensing but also adds experience to your resume before you even graduate. With our student salon and spa, you will have the opportunity to practice communicating and consulting with real clients. You will also have the opportunity to put your coursework into action and practice haircuts, hair color and highlights, perms, facials, waxing, and nails. 

Graduation and Licensing

Finally, after you complete 1,250 hours of coursework and training, pass your exams, and fulfill your financial obligations, you are ready to graduate from cosmetology school. You will receive a diploma from our accredited cosmetology program as well as a MUD Makeup Level 1 Certification. Then, you will be able to obtain your cosmetology license and begin your career. 

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