You know that you’re not going to be a “beauty school dropout” but maybe something else is keeping you from pursuing your dream of going to cosmetology school.

In today’s blog, we’re going to continue breaking down myths about pursuing a career as a cosmetologist. We’ve covered some of the most common falsehoods in the first part of our blog; we suggest checking those out as well when you have a moment!

With the school year starting in about five weeks, we bet you’re facing a pretty big decision about your future. At South Hills Beauty Academy, we’re a team of highly trained professionals that believe in the power of proper education. That being said, let’s talk about some of the most blatant misunderstandings surrounding beauty school and creatives in the industry.

Fact: There’s Lots Of Room For Growth!

Not only does cosmetology offer a lot of different positions to start from — more than just hair styling — but it also has an incredible room for growth both in lateral and upward mobility. It’s a career choice with a rich history and ever-changing procedures. In fact, most cosmetologists get licenses in more than one area of expertise! It’s a field where continual education is strongly encouraged and if you’re looking to advance, there are plenty of options to progress as an artist or even become an educator for fresh new minds like yourself now. As you grow and learn, you’ll realize that the only limits in cosmetology are ones you impose on yourself. In that same vein, you’re never too old to start a career in the beauty industry!

Fact: Cosmetology Is An Art Form

We think it’s a very beautiful, creative, inspiring art form but we might be biased. Luckily this stigma is less enforced than it used to be with all of the awareness beauty has been given lately. Professionals must study the craft just as any other art forms such as painting, writing, or even sculpting. There is a thorough process of design, building, applying, and even removing that requires extreme attention to detail and care every step of the way. Unlike other art, our canvases are delicate, emotional, and at times, even finicky. Patience and a steady hand are skills that must be learned and continually practiced perfectly every day — just like master artists.

Fact: Financial Aid Is Readily Available

Some people believe that because beauty school is often viewed as an alternative route to a traditional four-year university track, that financial aid is not common or readily available. However, that is the exact opposite of reality! At South Hills Beauty Academy we pride ourselves in making financial aid an obtainable resource to our students. For more information, check out this page about financial aid on our website.

Fact: The Industry Breaks Down Stereotypes

This seems like it should be obvious, but the beauty industry, especially in this day and age, celebrates a diverse culture of creative expression. Because beauty is an art form, and art can be found in all cultures, beauty can be expressed through a unique language of its own that’s subjective to every student, educator, and artist. Additionally, the idea of “blue jobs” and “pink jobs” — that some jobs are specifically for boys and some for girls — isn’t prevalent in our field. If you have the talent, the skills, the education, and the license for the job than you are welcome. If your demographics (gender identity, sexual orientation, political association, etc) don’t affect your performance, and they shouldn’t, then they don’t matter in regards to being hired.

Fact: Our Careers Are Not Our Hobbies

Many people believe that people pursuing a career in beauty by going to cosmetology school because it’s a hobby. While beauty may have started as an interest, it becomes a career just like finance, computer technology, or even sales. Cosmetologists are not simply pursuing a hobby but rather, making a living.

North & South Hills Beauty Academy

We hope you learned something from this blog and feel armed with the knowledge to combat any of these misconceptions you may hear in the real world. It is possible to thrive with a career in cosmetology, so long as you have the dedication, passion, and realistic expectations when you start. Launch into your new life with the right attitude, quality education, and advanced skill set you need to succeed. Register for classes at our cosmetology school today!