When you are in cosmetology school, you’re constantly learning new techniques and skills. You’re practicing on an endless string of clients, and you’re actually getting good. You’re excited about the skills you’re developing, and you can’t wait to work for yourself and put all your knowledge to good use.

However, when you graduate, you could be at risk of making a big mistake. If you skimp on marketing, you could fail to bring in the clients that you need. We don’t want you to be brimming with mad skills with no one to use them on! Fortunately, when you study with the South Hills or North Hills Beauty Academy, we not only train you, we offer career support after you’ve graduated. One of the biggest factors that will determine your success in your new career as a cosmetologist or esthetician is how well you market yourself.

We heard that – you just groaned internally. We’ve heard many variations of it:

  • “Nooooooo, I don’t like the marketing part.”’
  • “It’s just that I don’t like to push myself on people.”
  • “If I do quality work, the results will speak for themselves. Word of mouth will be enough.”
  • “I don’t have the money to spend on marketing.”
  • “I’m a hair stylist and makeup artist, not a marketer.”

Listen, we get it. The thing you love is doing your actual work — not beating the bushes, drumming up clients, and tooting your own horn. But if you don’t market yourself effectively, then instead of that tooting horn, the only sound you might hear is…crickets.

We want better things than that for you. So set your jaw and dive in, because you’re about to become a marketer, too.

1. Define your ideal client.

All marketers have to start with a firm idea in mind of the client, and makeup artists are no exception. Make a list of all the qualities in your ideal client, and be as specific as possible. Here’s an example to get you started.

My ideal clients are affluent women with conservative taste who like to look amazing and don’t mind spending money on products and on personal services. I like doing bridal makeup and date night makeup, so I’d also like to attract those clients.

Go a step beyond: Name your ideal client and fix in your mind as vivid an idea as possible of her as a real person. Give her a favorite color and hobbies. Pick how many kids she has and how old they are.

No, this isn’t a mind game. The more crystal-clear your idea of your target client, the more you will attract that type of person to yourself. Why? Because when you sit down to write a flier or a facebook post or an ad, you will be writing to her as an individual rather than to vague, nebulous crowd of people “out there.” Your marketing efforts move from a stab in the dark to an arrow in the bull’s eye.

2. Put your message where your audience will see it.

In marketing-speak, this is called “choosing the right channel.” In everyday language, it’s just common sense. You don’t have enough time or money to be everywhere at once. But if you show up only and exactly where your target customers already are, you’ll go a lot farther with your efforts than if you just plaster your efforts randomly across the web.

Here are some of the best channels to market your makeup services:

  • Facebook live videos: At the beginning, when you’re first getting started, you might not have enough clients to be working full-time. Take an open appointment slot in your calendar and hold a giveaway for a free makeover session that you will film on facebook live. Show your work on facebook live and post before-and-after pictures, too. Do this on a regular basis and you’ll amass a following of people. It’s all about showing them the quality of your work.
  • Pinterest: 80% of Pinterest users are women, so that makes Pinterest a great place to go to attract a more focused proportion of your target audience.
  • Instagram: Makeup is a visual thing that’s extremely artistic. Before-and-after pictures are powerful, and this can give your potential customers a great way to gain confidence that what you do is what they want.

Stay tuned for our next blog, when we’ll cover more marketing tips for how you can promote your makeup artistry and get the word out there.

If you’re a natural at makeup and all things beauty but haven’t yet enrolled in our program, it’s time to do exactly that! It’s easy to get makeup courses in Pittsburgh; all you have to do is sign up for the classes at South Hills or North Hills Beauty Academy. Give us a call and start the enrollment process in our beauty academy today.