1. What Does It Mean To Have A MUD Make-Up Level I Certification?

    Like any cosmetology career, becoming a make-up artist often requires formal education. Although licensing requirements can vary from state to state, it is a good idea to take classes at an accredited cosmetology school, to gain experience and boost your resume. Not to mention, you will learn techni…Read More

  2. 4 Benefits You’ll Take Away From Our Makeup Courses

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  3. How Makeup Courses Make You A Better Cosmetologist

    Many people who attend cosmetology school think primarily of working with hair, and it’s true that the majority of your coursework at cosmetology school revolves around developing your skills for hair. However, makeup is an integral part of your cosmetology education as well, and without the makeu…Read More

  4. Tips to Market Your Makeup Skills (Part 2)

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  5. Tips to Market Your Makeup Skills (Part 1)

    When you are in cosmetology school, you’re constantly learning new techniques and skills. You’re practicing on an endless string of clients, and you’re actually getting good. You’re excited about the skills you’re developing, and you can’t wait to work for yourself and put all your knowl…Read More