Like any cosmetology career, becoming a make-up artist often requires formal education. Although licensing requirements can vary from state to state, it is a good idea to take classes at an accredited cosmetology school, to gain experience and boost your resume. Not to mention, you will learn techniques and theories that will greatly benefit your career as a make-up artist. 

At South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy in Pittsburgh, our instructors have helped students like you become successful cosmetologists for 50 years. With our Esthetics, Skin Care, and Make-Up Course, students receive make-up application classes and training that results in a MUD Make-Up Level I Certification. You may find yourself wondering, what does it mean to be MUD Make-Up Level I certified? 

What You Learn

First, we’ll discuss what you will learn in this type of make-up course. When starting this course, you will receive a MUD Make-Up Beauty Essentials Kit and course book so that you have the necessary tools and products to participate in make-up application training. In this class, you will be given an introduction to beauty make-up that emphasizes both theory and technique. Your course will include lessons, readings, supervised training, and hands-on practice with real clients. 

What Kind Of Make-up Service You Can Offer

With a MUD Make-Up Level I Certification you will be able to perform general beauty make-up applications. This includes common tasks such as facial analysis, matching and applying base make-up to varying skin tones, correction, contouring and highlighting, and eye and lip make-up. This foundational knowledge will allow you to perform a range of make-up styles ranging from corrective to natural. These skills are particularly valuable when working with the most common types of make-up jobs such as prom or wedding make-up.  

Potential Careers

The theories and techniques that you will learn in this course will build a solid foundation for a wide range of make-up artist careers. These potential make-up artistry careers include freelancing, bridal make-up, salon or spa jobs, theatre, movie, or even fashion make-up. Your make-up certification can open up a lot of career options as a make-up artist. 

By completing the MUD Make-Up Level I Certification, you also open up more career opportunities for your future, as you could potentially continue your make-up artist education with additional MUD classes and certifications in airbrushing, studio make-up, and high fashion make-up. 

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