Many people who attend cosmetology school think primarily of working with hair, and it’s true that the majority of your coursework at cosmetology school revolves around developing your skills for hair. However, makeup is an integral part of your cosmetology education as well, and without the makeup courses, your skills wouldn’t be as complete. Here are some thoughts from our cosmetology and esthetics school in Pittsburgh for why makeup courses make you a better cosmetologist.

1. Knowing about makeup gives you another marketable skill

Whether you’re working for yourself or working for someone else, it’s a plus to know how to do more than just hair. If you can only say, “I do hair,” while other cosmetology professionals in the marketplace are saying, “I do hair, nails, and makeup,” you will struggle to get as much business as they do. Fortunately, when you become a licensed cosmetologist through our beauty school in Pittsburgh, you’ll receive training in hair, nails, and makeup, making you competitive and giving you access to additional income streams.

2. Makeup courses teach you the artistic side of makeup application

You may wonder why you need to be trained in makeup application, since you already apply your own makeup every day. Why do you need someone to tell you how to do it? While you may already be very good at doing your own makeup, what you may not yet be good at is evaluating many different shapes and sizes of faces to enhance each one. We’ll teach you all about selecting a makeup style that covers blemishes and highlights the beauty of each individual face, and we’ll give you the tools and knowledge to guide your clients to a look that’s perfect for both her style and the occasion, whether it’s day, night, a wedding, or another special occasion.

3. Makeup training takes you far deeper than just applying cosmetics tastefully

Makeup courses at cosmetology school go much deeper than just teaching you the artistic side of makeup application. As part of your training, we will also go into depth on the skincare aspect of makeup. You’ll learn how to make the proper use of products, be conscious of safety and sanitation, and understand the ingredients in the products you use. You’ll gain knowledge in skin analysis, temporary hair removal, and facials. In other words, you’ll gain a robust body of knowledge regarding clients of all ages, skin types, and facial structures.

4. Knowing about makeup will let you give your clients confidence

A woman has more self-confidence when she feels beautiful, and when your clients know that they can turn to you for professional advice on how to enhance their own natural beauty, they’ll come to you again and again for facials, makeup artistry, and other treatment. You get the gift of seeing people’s self confidence rise again and again, and you’ll love this part of your job. You’ll live for those moments where your clients’ eyes absolutely light up and you know she feels more beautiful than she has ever felt.

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