Career Options: From Makeup School and Beyond

There is a certain point when you find out that a passion is more than a hobby, that it could develop into a career. Being able to do what you love is one of the most important things you will ever do.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

This quote is often attributed to the ancient sage, Confucius and has been retold throughout the centuries. Though it is an old adage, the saying is still true to this day.

Some of us aren’t meant for desk jobs and paperwork. There are a few people where their job title doesn’t need to be displayed on their desks — not that they even need a desk! There are certain professions that exist that don’t fit perfectly in a confined definition of an “career job.” However, at South Hills & North Hills Beauty Academy, we believe that following a passion, having a career you love, and still making a living, is possible. We defy the idea that a nine-to-five desk job is the only way to make a decent living. At our beauty school, we teach men and women the art and skills of being an Esthetician.
One of the areas our cosmetology school focuses on is makeup artistry classes. Here, at South Hills Beauty Academy, you will be able to take a passion for cosmetics and amplify your skills set. Once you are properly trained in makeup technique, you can apply for incredible career options — from the stage to the red carpet!

The Runway

If you have a passion for aesthetics and fashion, pursuing a career on the runway is perfect for you! Because the fashion world is fast-paced and diverse, you will have to perfect different styles of makeup before applying for a job. Often, makeup artists are paired up with clients that complement both the model and the designer’s collection. If you have a wide-range to your artistry, you will become valuable to the industry. Though it is important to hone your own styles, if you don’t learn as many techniques as you can, your artistry can become irrelevant quickly. It is important when attending a cosmetology/makeup school, that you are placed in a program that challenges you and demands only the best work. At South Hills, we will be able to offer you professional instructors that will prepare you to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. We will be able to teach you alternative techniques that will give you the ability to make yourself stand out among other artists.


Just as the runway demands talented makeup artists, so do film and television. Though the world of makeup artists can be incredibly competitive, Hollywood always needs skilled artists to assist on television and film sets. Though there is an increased pattern of films using CGI and other computerized technologies, there is no denying that real-life actors make a viewing experience much more real. Because of this, makeup artists are in high-demand to help actors transform into their characters. At South Hill, we will be able to teach you how to not only do makeup, but learn intricate techniques that will be able to morph your subject into their desired characters. By enrolling in our school, you will be able to work closely with professionals in the makeup industry and learn the key skills you must master in order to become a successful artist.


If you are interested in using your skills to perfect a theatrical experience, theatrical companies are always in need of makeup artists for their shows. If you have a passion for the theatrical stage, our makeup school can give you the skills needed to make a name for yourself in the industry. Working for a theater production will allow you to have an up-close view of the steps needed to produce a popular show. You will be able to not only get to meet popular theatrical stars, but befriend the rest of the cast and crew. Joining the theatrical makeup profession can be hugely beneficial, especially because if you show promise you could be permanently employed with the company and gain a ‘family’ of sorts.


Have you ever looked at the cover of a magazine? Anyone who has been to a grocery store should say yes. Though you may look at the cover, there is a lot that goes into one photoshoot. Behind one cover are hundreds of people preparing the model to look her best. As a makeup artist, is it your jobs to set the tone of the image and transform the model into what the photographer would like. Magazines range greatly, so depending on what you are passionate about, you could work with a large range of clients. For example, if you appreciate fashion, you could be employed by a women’s fashion magazine. Or, if you like a more subdued job, you could always work for a homestyle magazine as well. When working for any editorial or media employer, you have the ability to range your work and expand your portfolio of skills.

Red Carpet

If you want to meet stars, celebrities, or new people in general, becoming a makeup artist for the red carpet is a superb career choice. Celebrities need makeup artists to help them appear beautiful on screen and well-together for premieres and award ceremonies. In Hollywood, there is a high demand for makeup artists that portray a wide array of skill. Though Los Angeles does have a demand for makeup artists for sets, there is also a high demand for professionals who can prepare celebrities for any on-camera time while they aren’t working. If you are interested, attending a beauty school would be the best place to develop new techniques. Best of all, a professional school would help you learn how to communicate with customers and ensure they are getting exactly what they want.

South Hill Beauty Academy

At South Hill & North Hill Beauty Academy, we are here to prepare the next generation of makeup artists for the industry. Here, artists are able to hone a large range of makeup styles, while also perfecting their own styles as well. At our academy, students will be able to learn from professionals, as well as form connections with other professionals currently working in the industry. This networking can be essential to a successful career, which is why our academy can be so beneficial to makeup artists looking to break into this highly-competitive career field. If you are interested in makeup, and want to change your hobby into a career, our cosmetology school is the perfect place. Whether you enjoy makeup artistry or more permanent cosmetology, we have the resources to help you make what you love a career. Contact us today.