In recent years, eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular innovations to emerge from the minds of the ever-changing beauty industry. To keep up with the pace of new trends and to remain professionally competitive, cosmetologists must keep themselves educated on the latest practices and techniques. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for makeup and beauty experts to take additional courses even after completing their primary cosmetic training.

Like many beauty and makeup services, eyelash extensions require training and certification before a cosmetologist can offer it on their menu of esthetic amenities. Any course is a commitment, however, so it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before enrolling in an eyelash extension class. Furthermore, not all cosmetologists may have the innate skill set that’s necessary to be successful in this sector of the industry. 

To better understand what the commitments and qualifications of an eyelash extension course demand, South Hills Beauty Academy developed this informative and helpful article. If you’re interested in learning more about coursework in makeup, hair, and more, please contact our Pittsburgh academy of esthetics today!

Why Are Eyelash Extensions Such A Big Deal?

Unlike long-wear mascara or even those drugstore glue-on “falsies,” eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure that gives you longer and fuller lashes for up to two months. What’s more, because they don’t come out of a tube or a box, each set of lash extensions is designed and personalized to fit the unique features of each and every woman. This creates a set of lashes that not only look and feel natural, but behave like normal lashes too. At the end of their’ 6-to-8-week lifespan, your extensions will fall out painlessly just like your natural eyelashes would — no yanking or pulling required!

Why Is An Eyelash Extension Course Necessary?

Why do you need to take a formal course in eyelash extensions before you can offer it as a service? Many cosmetologists, prior to attending beauty school, may have asked themselves a similar question. Not only is the extension application a technical and precise process, but it requires a considerable amount of knowledge just to determine what size, length, and shape will suit a client’s hair and appearance. The class environment is an ideal and pressure-free place to get practice in the eyelash extension procedure, ensuring that you feel confident and competent in all stages long before you work with an actual client. 

Coursework in eyelash extensions are vital from a safety standpoint as well. Cosmetologists and beauty experts need to know which materials and ingredients are safe to use, just as they must be aware of those to avoid. Perhaps most importantly, hair and makeup are not taken lightly by women who strive to present the best version of themselves, so you don’t want to mess up or say the wrong thing in front of your clients! Fortunately, a quality eyelash extension course will incorporate a curriculum that helps strengthen and refine your skills in communication and social interaction, giving you the tools required to build a loyal client base and meaningful connections.

What Can I Expect To Learn In An Eyelash Extension Course?

Every beauty school will have a slightly different approach to their teaching methods, so we can only speak about  what to expect from a course at South Hills Beauty Academy. Our intensive training program for eyelash extensions lasts for two full days from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Day one consists of theory study, live demonstrations, in-class practice, and wraps up with a Q&A session to make sure all students are feeling comfortable with the material and have their concerns addressed.

Day two of our eyelash extension course involves a first-time live practice by students, further time to refine style and skill, and an informative seminar on best practices for business building and client interaction. The course ends with an awards ceremony in which the students receive their official certification.

Final Thoughts: Should You Take An Eyelash Extension Class?

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist and would like to expand your professional skills to meet the requirements of one the most popular sectors in the beauty industry, consider taking an eyelash extension course at South Hills Beauty Academy. Prior to enrolling in one of our training programs, we recommend that all prospective students assess their finger dexterity, coordination, and vision, as well as their general demeanor and level of patience. Eyelash extensions aren’t always easy to execute, but if they’re one of your true passions, the hard work and training you commit to will pay dividends in no time.