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In the United States, there are on average 2.5 million weddings annually. With all of these weddings, there are millions of brides that get ready for their big day.

Weddings are complicated ceremonies that take months, sometimes years, to plan. Because weddings are such complicated ceremonies to coordinate, brides and grooms are spread pretty thin. Some brides think that because their wedding celebration has costs so much money already, they need to save money in every aspect that they can. In some instances, brides will attempt doing their own makeup for their wedding.
Brides trying to do their own makeup is a bad idea for many reasons, all of which we will address in this blog. If you are getting married and want your day to go over smoothly, you need to hire professionals to help you. Too often, brides will attempt to do their own makeup and hair and it ends up looking like a complete disaster. Worse, because weddings are one of the most photographed occasions of your life, your horrible makeup will be forever documented for you to be reminded of for the rest of your life. A way to keep this from happening is to hire a professional makeup artist to help you on your special day.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Makeup

Some brides can have a “I can do it myself” attitude. In most circumstances, an independent woman is highly appreciated, but when it comes to bridal makeup, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Makeup professionals are more able to handle your makeup on your wedding day because they know what shades and aesthetics look better for a bridal occasion.
Typically, you want to hire a makeup artist that has plenty of experience. You want an artist that has a few makeup jobs behind them so you can be assured of their talent, their ability to meet deadlines, and how happy the client was after their makeup was completed. Gathering this information is important for you to determine which makeup artist you should contract with. Even if you are a talented makeup artist yourself, it is still better to rely on someone else to do your makeup.

Same-Day Wedding Jitters

Same-day wedding jitters is a very real problem and can cause your makeup to not turn out as crisp or clean as you would like it to be. Because you are excited and nervous on your big day, your makeup won’t turn out the way you want it to, which can be extremely frustrating. By hiring a professional, you won’t have to worry about your shaky hands or even the stress of messing up your makeup. By hiring someone else to do your makeup, you remove the stress of the day and are able to focus on more important things — like getting married!

Professionals Have Their Own Equipment

Hiring a professional makeup artist can be advantageous because they will have their own high-quality equipment. If you aren’t into makeup, finding all the brushes, blushes, and shadows for your special day can be a hassle. Instead of stocking up your own makeup inventory, you can rely on the artists’ makeup repertoire. This can make the whole makeup process much easier, as you won’t have to worry about getting you own makeup out and cleaning off any of your makeup brushes. With a professional, they will have a collection of high-quality cosmetic tools that they will be able to use. Paired with their expertise, you will be looking absolutely gorgeous for your wedding day!

Brides Can Get Messy With Their Makeup

Some brides may assume they can do their makeup themselves, but one tiny mistake, and the whole look is ruined. For example, if the bride would like to wear false eyelashes, or falsies, for her wedding, she will have to put them on herself. Any woman who has ever put on falsies will know that this procedure is tedious and anxiety-inducing. If you don’t put your eyelashes on correctly, you could ruin the whole look and have to touch-up your makeup a second, or even a third time. However, if you hire a professional to assist you while putting on your lashes, you will find that the process is significantly improved. Instead of worrying about how much glue to put on the lash, or even the placement of the lash, your makeup artist will be able to place the eyelash perfectly on your lid. Your wedding day is supposed to be special, but it won’t be if you are stressing out about your makeup.

Setting Spray or Powder

Any makeup enthusiast will know that you always want to put on setting spray or powder after you have completed a makeup look. Setting solution is the easiest way to ensure that your makeup stays in place and will not be sweated off. Some brides will bypass major steps of the makeup process, either because they don’t know what steps are appropriate or they feel they don’t need to set their makeup. Without setting spray, your makeup can easily smear off. Weddings are emotional times where at least one tear will be shed, without setting spray as a protectant, your makeup look could easily fade off. Or worse, smear down your face!
Also, because it is your wedding day, you are probably wearing a white dress. Because you are wearing such a light-colored material, any bit of makeup can easy flake off or smear onto your gorgeous ensemble. Setting spray is essential, and all professional makeup artists know this bit of information. Hiring a professional to do your makeup will ensure that you get exactly what you need to keep your face looking beautiful throughout your day.

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