• Do you love playing with your hair (and other people’s)?
  • Do different hairstyles and techniques fascinate you?
  • Are you instantly aware of the least change in your friends’ hairstyles?
  • Are you constantly noticing the little details that someone put into their hair to make it look good, from the cut to the color to the style?
  • Is your hair practically wrapped up into your very identity?
  • Do you ever wish that you could just take out some scissors or some bobby pins and fix someone’s hairstyle?
  • Are you bouncing on toes with boredom at a job in retail, or stifled in your creativity at a job in food service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’d be a great candidate for our hair school in Pittsburgh. Studying hair design is not for everyone, but for those who do, it can be extremely rewarding, either as a side pursuit or as a career. Here are some reasons from our cosmetology program for why you should attend hair school.

1. It can earn you an income

When you know how to cut and style hair, you have a skill that you can use to earn money, no matter where you live or what other activities you have on your plate. Earning an income from haircuts tends to be a very predictable thing, as you’ll probably charge a consistent price per haircut, and once you get a stable following of clients, you’ll probably also have relatively consistent hours from week to week.

2. It’s a job that offers flexibility

  • Need a stable, viable side gig? Book hair appointments from your home in the evenings.
  • Need a stable, viable full-time job? Book hair appointments all day long.
  • Need someone else to find the clients for you? Work for a hair salon.
  • Ready to find the clients yourself? Work for yourself.
  • Want to go on vacation for a week? Don’t book any appointments that week.
  • Need to take a year off work? When you come back, you’ll still be able to easily get work.

3. It lets you express your creativity

If you work in retail or food service, there’s only so far that you can go in expressing your creativity, and if you’re a creative person, you’ll constantly be feeling stifled and smothered at your lack of a good creative outlet. Working on people’s hair gives you constant variety. One moment you might be doing a standard men’s haircut, and the next, you might be doing a partial foil, balayage, or perm. All day long, you’ll get to make your customers look beautiful, and they’ll be sure to appreciate the results of your artistry.

4. There is always something new to learn

In some jobs, once you have the basic skill set down, you’ll just have to repeat the same steps or tasks over and over and over (think of a bank teller or a cashier). If you’re a person who hates to let yourself stagnate, you’ll love the beauty industry. There is always something new, whether it’s a technology or a trend or another kind of innovation that helps you make your clients look and feel like a movie star.

5. You’ll meet amazing people

Do you love to hear stories? Every client who sits down in your chair is a many-faceted human being with life experiences to tell. You get to be the one to draw those stories out of them. You’ll hear about people’s joys and sorrows, their childhood memories, their relationships, their travel experiences, and their tall tales. In an age where our communities are becoming increasingly fragmented as people lose almost all face-to-face interaction, you’ll get to enjoy this intrinsic part of being human more than almost anyone else.

What factors are causing YOU to consider becoming a hair stylist? Write to us and let us know! Also, please contact us to start your journey towards being a professional hairdresser. Contact us today.