Esthetician Schools Offer Salon Services

You may or may not know this, but beauty academies sometimes run their own student salons. At these salons, students who are training to become professional estheticians and stylists practice their trade and interact with real customers.
In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of these types of salons and dispel any myths that may deter you from student-run salons.

Quality Hair for Less

Who doesn’t like reduced prices? Some stylists will charge incredible amounts of money for the smallest of hair procedures. For instance, a simple haircut could cost you upwards of $50. Of course, spending this much money on a few snips is not responsible, which sometimes makes people lead to drastic conclusions. For instance, some will try to cut their hair themselves and destroy the style and cut of their hair. Instead of trying to DIY your haircut to save a few dollars, student salons offer you an opportunity to get professional-grade hairstyles for a reduced price. This is obviously a great deal for customers; you get great hair for much less than other salons.

MYTH 1. Students Aren’t Professionals
Students aren’t professionals, yes, but they are experienced. Students spend hundreds of dollars at our beauty academy to learn from the very best in the industry. They work and learn in our classroom in order to one day work with a customer in our salon. Perhaps they are not professionals, but they have plenty of experience with hair procedures and aesthetics.

Supervised Student Learning

Our salon allows our students to practice and train for the professional world. Many jobs don’t allow students to have this hands-on approach to their work, but ours does! Hair stylists only are as good as their training and experience. At South Hills Beauty Academy and Esthetician School, we provide our students with professional instructors, high-quality courses, and a salon to eventually practice their craft on real customers.

MYTH 2. A Student Will Ruin My Hair
Our students are well trained before we allow them to use our salon. More importantly, they have to be at a certain academic and experience level to work with real clients. Typically, our salon is reserved for students who have studied and learn enough to graduate from our academy.
Our salon gives students space to practice, but not unsupervised. In our salon we have professional hairstylists overseeing the salon and every student. This ensures that every student is instructed throughout the esthetic process to ensure there are no mistakes.

Supporting a Student

The South Hills Beauty Academy helps educate students to become working professionals. Visiting and using our salon not only helps you, but gives our students a chance to work with real clients. It may not seem like it, but hair stylists require a lot more than just aesthetic skill; professionals must also work well with clients and build with own custom-base.

MYTH 3: Students Don’t Need Support
In any trade, you need to practice. No one ever started something a professional. Because of this, students need training and the opportunity to become better professionals. By visiting our salon, you are giving a great opportunity to a student in need. Not only will you be helping them work on real hair, but it will give them an opportunity to practice communicating with real clients.

Creating Lasting Relationships

At student salons, you are not only able to help a student succeed, but you able to meet new people. Salons, in general, are a place where you can peacefully get your hair done and talk to your hairstylist. Being a hairstylist requires that you are kind, friendly, and talented. All of these characteristics can help you create a dependable client-base once you start working in the job market. Our student salon provides students a space to meet customers and build relationships with them.
At the same time, as a customer, student salons give you a chance to meet young professionals. This means you can build lasting friendships with professional hairstylists that you can frequent everytime you need your hair done.

MYTH 4: Students Won’t Go Anywhere With Their Careers
This is completely false! Though our students are at the beginning of their careers, many of the most famous and desired hair stylists started at an esthetician school, just like South Hills Beauty Academy. Discrediting a student when they are at the beginning of their career is assuming that you know what their skill set is. Also, it is implying that you know what direction they will take their career and the professionalism they have learned. Students need time and experience to be great — no matter what career field they choose. Visiting our salon gives them the chance to prove their skills and perfect their craft.

South Hills Beauty Academy of Pittsburgh, PA

At South Hills Beauty Academy of Pittsburgh, we are proud to offer a learning space for starting-out professionals. Our institute offers premier beauty courses, on hair, makeup, nails, and so much more. Here, students can come with any starting skill level and grow to become a professional esthetician. Not only that, but our beauty academy gives students the chance to perfect what they have learned in class and apply it to a real customer. As a client of our salon, you will be able to meet stylists and see how our salon can give your outstanding services for less. Contact us today if you are interested.