Coming to cosmetology and hair school is an exciting step in your life. It means that you’ll finally be able to break into a career that many people have found to be satisfying, rewarding, and interesting. It means that you will gain skills and knowledge that will help you to be more competitive in the marketplace. It means that you’ll finally be able to have a stable job with a marketable skill that you can take with you no matter where you move. But maybe you’re right at the beginning of the process and you’re wondering, “What will I actually learn?” If that’s you, here’s a sneak preview from our beauty academy in Pittsburgh. Today, we’ll just focus on what you’ll learn in hair school.

1. You’ll learn hair design

The biggest gift that you can give to someone is the gift of styling your hair in a way that flatters their face and achieves the look they want. This is easier said than done. When you study hair design, you’ll learn about how to judge the shape of someone’s face and then combine that with the texture and color of their hair to choose a style that suits that person perfectly. Of course, you’ll have many people who come to you with a predetermined idea of how they want their hair to look, but there will be others who say to you, “Make me look pretty. Use your judgment.” What will you do in that moment? Your design skills come from your head, and it’s your moment to shine! You’ll pull together all your knowledge to create a look that takes your client from “meh” to “wow!”

2. You’ll learn hair styling

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the same haircut can be styled in many different ways, and that the style (or lack thereof) can make or break the whole hairdo. You’ll learn how to use the right tools to achieve the look you want, from using a curling iron to working with a hair dryer and a round brush. You’ll also have the chance to practice techniques such as braids, twists, backcombing, adding flowers or other accessories, working with hair pins, and more.

3. You’ll learn hair cutting.

Some of our students dive right in to the hair cutting part, and others proceed forward with trepidation, knowing that it’s an irreversible decision to cut hair off. That’s why you’ll get lots of practice cutting hair over the course of the program. You’ll build your confidence that you won’t “ruin” someone’s hair because you’ve done it successfully so many times. Our salon is open to the public, and there are a lot of people in the area who pay to get their hair cut by a student, so you’ll be practicing on real, live humans in addition to mannequin heads.

4. You’ll learn color technique.

Maybe you’ve gotten a bottle of hair dye from the store and dyed your own hair or a friend’s before, but you’d be surprised at how much knowledge goes into professional hair coloring. You’ll learn all about dying hair, highlighting, balayage, and other techniques that your clients will love.

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