One of the favorite and most-coveted opportunities for hair stylists is getting to do bridal hairstyles. Many of the students who enroll in our cosmetology school in Pittsburgh have already done a few bridal hairstyles informally for their friends, or if they haven’t done it for an actual wedding, they’ve experimented with the looks that they would try if they ever got the chance. However, getting more wedding party clients can seem like an elusive thing. After all, it’s not every day that a girl gets married! Here are some of our tips to help you to be the top choice for wedding hairdos in Pittsburgh.

1. Get the word out there

If you want a steady stream of clients who are overjoyed to get one of your appointment slots, the failproof way to do it is to make a ruckus. Be creative about ways to get the word out there, from word of mouth to advertising. Before you spend any time or money on advertising, though, make sure that the potential gain is going to be greater than the money you spent.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t get much business for your wedding hairstyles if you booked a radio spot, as only a very small segment of the listening audience to the radio station will be about to get married and looking for a hair stylist. However, you might get more results if you try building relationships with some of the wedding dress shops and dropping off your business card or some flyers that offer your services to women who are shopping for a dress.

2. Show your clients your work

Your portfolio is one of the strongest things that works in your favor, as when people see photos of your work, they’ll instantly be able to envision having the same results for themselves. Think outside the box for how to share your portfolio. If you’re just putting photos of your work on your own personal facebook page, consider branching out and trying one or more of the following options:

  • Start your own website with a portfolio section and photo gallery.
  • Open a Facebook business page in addition to your personal page, and post engaging content that people can like, follow, and share.
  • Be active on other image-based social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat. Develop a following of people who love your unique style.
  • Open accounts on social networks like Bloom that help you to be found as a stylist or cosmetologists.

3. Create some wedding pricing packages

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking for the price of a service and you can’t get a clear answer because the salesperson is always like, “It depends…”? Well, your clients don’t appreciate it, either. If someone asks you how much it will cost them to get their wedding hairstyles done, don’t overwhelm them with a humongous set of choices. Instead, think through a couple of packages ahead of time and be able to confidently and quickly say, “It’ll cost you this much for the bride and then this much per person.”

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