We’ve all been there, staring at yourself in the mirror and thinking, “yeah, I can could my own bangs, how hard could it be?”

Yikes! As most of us have learned the hard way, it turns out that it’s actually not as easy as it looks.

Normally we spend the time in our blogs pointing out the reason that beauty school is so important, not to mention a lucrative and wise investment in your future. However, today let’s talk about everyone’s favorite class: how to help your client who decided to cut their own bangs.

How To Cut Bangs

First of all, let’s talk about how to actually successfully cut bangs in the first place.

To start with, we want to say that the most important thing we can teach anyone about bangs is the secret to creating flawless fringe. What’s the secret you ask?

Know when to put the scissors down.

That’s it. That’s the biggest secret. That’s what every client of yours wishes they knew.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before we teach you how to fix messed up bangs, we first want to offer a guide on how to cut bangs in the first place.

One — Wet the hair. Don’t dry cut bangs when you’re first starting out. That’s a lesson too many people learn the hard way. Instead cut bangs after you’ve washed your client’s hair.

Two — Section the hair. Brush the hair down in front of the face and section off a half moon shape. A great guideline for choosing the breadth of fringe is to cut from end to end of the eyebrows.

Three — Twist it! If your client is looking for softer bangs without a blunt edge across their forehead, twist the section of hair and then cut it. This leaves your line relatively straight but cuts each individual strands at different lengths for a soft layered look.

Four — Cut long, trim short. That’s right! We cannot emphasize this enough, when you’re first starting out as a stylist, cut the bangs slightly longer than the client wants them to be. From there you can cut shorter and shorter as needed.

Five — Shake and dry. Once you’ve finished cutting your client’s new flirty fringe, shake out the hair and blow it dry with a rounded brush to style them. Voila! Beautiful bangs!

How To Fix Bangs

So your client has just walked through the door and their bangs are a mess. You do your best to straighten the cut or shape it sideways, but sometimes the best option is to rely on time and let natural hair growth do it’s thing.

However, what are you supposed to tell your client? They hate their hair and we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Luckily, from our experience, we have some great advice on how to get your client feeling great again.

  • Style them with a round brush
  • Braid them into the rest of the hair (use gel for extra hold)
  • Add some pretty barrettes
  • Curl the bangs for extra volume
  • Pin the hair away from the face
  • Style hair with a chic silk scarf like the fashion icons of the ‘50s
  • Hide the hair with a cute headband
  • Part the hair differently
  • Tell your client to invest in some snazzy hats

South Hills Beauty Academy

Bangs can be a tricky situation and the success of the fickle hairstyle often depends on the confidence of the wearer. Learn how to help your clients be as confident and stylish as possible by attending South Hills Beauty Academy! Check out our course directory now and get registered for the next class as soon as possible.