Caring For Your Face and Your Eyelash Extensions

Listen up! Washing your face with eyelash extensions is a science! As those who know about eyelash extensions already consider, extensions are expensive. Anytime you wash your face, touch your face, take a shower, or rub your eyes, you are causing damage to your gorgeous fake lashes. So what do you do?
In this blog, we are diving into the steps you need to take in order to wash your face thoroughly, while also keeping your eyelash extensions intact.

Washing Your Face: A Journey

The journey to washing your face is a treacherous one. If you are too aggressive in your skin care rituals, you may harm your extensions. As you may gather, replacing or fixing your eyelash extensions can be expensive. More importantly, if you wait a while to fix your lashes, you could walk around with gaps in your lashes. This is not only distracting to you, but to others around you.
Washing your face is one of the most important things you do every day. By cleansing your face of debris, dust, makeup, sweat, and oil, you can let your pores breath.

Wonderous Wipes!

Your makeup wipes are your new best friend. Why? Well, despite what you may think, gently wiping off your makeup is way better for your eyelashes than splashing your face with water. Though you may think that washing your face is as flawless as a skin care commercial, we can assure you it is not. Water can weigh down your extensions and even weaken them. To keep your extensions luscious and intact, it is best to rely on your handy-dandy face wipe!

Luckily, the world of skin care has caught on to the wondrous power of makeup wipes; now there are 15 different kinds to buy in stores. When it comes to you makeup wipes, you know what works best for your skin. Different face wipes will work differently and have different scents and formulas. Ultimately, finding the right face wipe is a science and a trial-by-error kind of situation. Once you find what works best, stick with it! Your makeup wipe is the best way to deep clean your skin and takes off any of your makeup. Makeup wipes are particularly useful for areas around your eyes, such as under your eyes. If you wear eyeshadow during your day, you may want to invest in liquid makeup remover and a set of q-tips. This can help you get those hard-to-reach areas on your eyelid.

These steps will help ensure that the top layer of your makeup is removed. Using wipes and q-tips will also help reduce the likelihood of breaking out.

Cleanse, Washcloth, Repeat!

You are not done! Oh no, no. Your skin care routine is not done yet; you still need to cleanse your skin! You may ask, what in the world is cleanser? Cleanser is a fantastic serum that helps further break down the makeup left on your face. Though wipes can be a huge blessing when it comes to taking off makeup, there can still be bits of makeup left over. With just a pea-sized bit of cleanser, you can work the serum into your face to help alleviate any makeup clogging your pores.

WARNING: Do not allow any cleaner near your eyelids or eyelashes. Because cleaner is highly oil-based, the serum can easily breakdown the components of your eyelash extension adhesive.

Obviously, weakening your eyelash adhesive glue is the worst thing you could do to your extensions. Once the glue is weakened, your eyelash extensions can easily detach. This means that you lose money both from the first extensions and from the new extensions you will need to fix them.

Don’t worry, cleanser isn’t the only thing you need to do; you will also need to use a washcloth. In the days before your extensions, you probably got your face wet at once and scrubbed the creases and surface of your face with soap. Well, those days are over. In order to fully take off the residue from your cleanser you will need to take a washcloth and lightly dab your face.

It is best to dunk your washcloth in water and wring it out. Any bit of water left on your eyelashes can weigh them down and make you feel uncomfortable. Lightly dab your face in order to remove the foam or residue from your cleanser. It isn’t likely you will get all of it the first time you clean your face.
And, once you are finished — do it all over again! That’s right, you should be cleansing and wiping your face twice. Makeup can be terrible for your skin, especially because it can clog your pores, cause acne, and dry out your skin. The more effort you put into cleaning your skin, the healthier your skin will be. And, since you cannot clean your skin the traditional way because of your extensions, you need to be more vigilant about cleaning off your face.


Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez still has the radiant glow she used to from her “Jenny From the Block” days? That girl knows how to moisturize! If you don’t want to look like a mummy by the time you are 40, you better find a quality moisturizer and use it! Once you have wiped, cleansed, and used your washcloth, you should put on toner and eventually, your moisturizer serum. During the night and day, your skin can dry out. When you deprive your skin of nutrients and moisture, it is far more likely to develop uneven spots and yes, wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles and unsightly creases in your face, moisturize your face with hydrating serums.

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