Why Eyelash Extensions are a Good Idea For Your Client

It is natural to want beautiful, thick eyelashes, however, most of the time this won’t happen unless you use a massive amounts of mascara. Mascara can be an inconvenience because it can clump, smear, and is a chore to try to take off at night before you go to sleep. With this in mind, millions of women wear mascara because it is the only way (they believe) to achieve dark, thick, and long eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are the way to achieve semi-permanent eyelashes that look like natural lashes. And, depending on the dramatic effect you would like from your eyelash extensions, the size and thickness can vary.

In this blog, we will be discussing the many benefits of eyelash extensions and why they can be a huge benefit to you or your customers. At South Hills Beauty Academy, we are obsessed with the new and trending in beauty and cosmetics! Eyelash extensions are very much the rage and it is our duty to prepare our students for customer demands. If you would like to learn how to apply eyelash extensions to your clients, sign up for an official eyelash extension course with us! Click here if you are interested!

As an eyelash extension specialist, it is important that you know the benefits for your clients. Below are the benefits for eyelash extensions for your clients.

1. Volume, Volume, Volume

Eyelash extensions take your eyelash volume and crank up the heat. Instead of having decently thick and long lashes with mascara, your eyelash extension would amplify your eyelash volume. Instead of coating your natural eyelashes with stick goop, such as mascara, eyelash extensions are a network of fibers woven into you natural eyelashes. For those who apply “falsies” with eyelash glue, you will be pleasantly surprised that you will not have to deal with that anymore. With eyelash extensions, there is no glue necessary! In fact, all you have to go is pick out the types of extension you would want and you are good to go for a few weeks.

Lifts Lashes For Depth

Your natural lashes bend downward. This is a biological mechanism to ensure that your eyes are well protected from debris and other items in the air. Because your eyelashes are supposed to be fulfilling a biological purpose, sometimes it can be difficult to shape them to behave differently. For instance, eyelash curlers are a common tool used to bend your eyelashes upward in order to add depth and dimension to your face. Curling your eyelash can also make them appear to be longer and fuller. Though curlers can be useful tools, eyelash extensions offer semi-permanent curl to your lashes. This means you won’t have to worry about curling your lashes while they are on.

Saves Money

Eyelash extensions save money in the long run. Though the initial costs of eyelash extensions can be notable, the over time investment can be worth it. With extensions, you won’t have to worry about wearing makeup, especially if you are a mascara-only applier! This means that your makeup routine is strictly narrowed down to applying mascara and curling your eyelashes. With long, full, and dark extensions, you have no need of mascara or any makeup in general. This can save you money, as you won’t be spending countless dollars on mascara or other beauty products.

Water Resistant

Eyelash extensions are water resistant. Of course, this is a huge benefit if you shower regularly (which we hope you do). With traditional mascara, if you take a shower, you will look into a fogged mirror and find smears of black makeup all over your eyes and face. Though this look can be easily cleared away, mascara can smear throughout the day, depending on what you are doing. For instance, if you live in a rainy area, your mascara could easily smear, even if it is water resistant. If you are swimming in a pool, your mascara could also smear and make you look similar to a raccoon. Lastly, if you cry at all, your mascara could easily run down your face and look terrible. Lash extensions don’t smear because they don’t contain any thickening substances like mascara. Aside from not smearing, extensions make it so you don’t have to put on makeup. That means your makeup removal process can be erased for good!

Avoid Poor-Fitting False Lashes

For those who wear false eyelashes, you will know that glue and poor-fitting lashes can be atrocious. For one, the glue can be annoying and ruin your eyeshadow, but over time the lashes can detach from your lid and hang off your face. Yuck! Not only are poor-fitting false eyelashes terrible looking, but they can be very annoying.

Eyelash Extension Courses at South Hills Beauty Academy!

With eyelash extensions, you could give your clients six-to-eight weeks of gorgeously luscious lashes! Contact us today if you are interested in learning the process for applying and maintaining eyelash extensions. With the knowledge that you can learn from our beauty school, you will be able to offer eyelash extension services to your clients. Call today!