Here at South Hills and North Hills Beauty Academy, we’re all about setting people free to improve their lives by increasing their income and working in a rewarding career. The way we do that is by delivering the cosmetology training and beauty courses that you need to be successful and stand out from the crowd.

“But cosmetology is not a high-paid profession!” you might exclaim. Not so fast. Here are some of our thoughts on ways that you can truly increase your income to a level where your beauty career can go far beyond just supporting your basic needs. Once you’ve been trained as a cosmetologist or esthetician, you’ll be able to implement any (or all) of these techniques to increase your income even MORE!

1. Take an Advanced Course

Our advanced courses are specifically designed to make you proficient in the higher-paid services, such as microblading, chemical peels, or eyelash extensions. Why do people pay more for these services? Because to do them well, they require a skilled and patient hand, and not everyone can do that. Establish yourself as an expert in one or more of these skill sets, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can be paid.

2. Become a beauty instructor

Some of you are natural-born teachers, and once you have become a cosmetologist yourself, you’ll find it more satisfying to teach others than to simply start doing the work of cosmetology. Take our cosmetology instructor course to become qualified to teach cosmetology yourself, and help to launch others’ careers!

3. Start a YouTube channel

Have a unique perspective that you know will resonate with people? Start filming yourself and posting regularly to YouTube. When you build up a following on YouTube, it can be incredibly impactful to your monthly income. Learn how to do this well, invest in some equipment, and make videos that are clear, professional, and engaging, and you’ll start getting paid by YouTube every time someone sees an ad while watching your video. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

4. Learn how to market and sell yourself

If your eyes glaze over when you think of marketing, just think of this one simple technique: Write down a list of your top 100 dream clients, and go after their business. These should be real people. Who would you absolutely LOVE to earn the right for them to do business with you? Then identify what you need to do to earn their trust, their business, and their referrals to their friends. Want to be a stylist to the stars? That’s a great way to make way more money than average as a cosmetologist. Don’t disqualify yourself and say, “I could never get there.” Why couldn’t you? Most of the time, those who get unusual results are the same people who put in unusual effort. If you are the best at selling yourself, you’ll work with the clients that you want and you’ll make a lot more money in the process.

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