If you are thinking about taking a beauty course, congratulations! You are about to embark upon an adventure that you won’t regret. However, we understand that the moments before you actually take that step, you can be filled with many doubts and fears. After all, you don’t know the future, and even though you can look down the road and envision the beautiful outcome once you’re done, it can still be scary! If you’re asking yourself the question, “Will a beauty course actually improve my life,” our beauty school in Pittsburgh can answer a resounding YES! Here are some of the reasons we think it’s a great step to take.

You gain a viable, marketable skill, and that results in income

Even people with a college degree can struggle to find a job. There’s a staggering number of people with Bachelor’s degrees in English or history or psychology or any number of other areas, who are working in retail or secretarial jobs instead of in their fields. However, when you become a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, hairdresser, nail tech, or other beauty service provider, you gain a genuine skill, and people will pay for your creativity and expertise. You’ll be able to earn an income no matter where you move and no matter what age you are. Having control of your own livelihood is an extremely freeing and rewarding thing to achieve, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you attend beauty school.

You enter into a rewarding profession with high job satisfaction ratings

Having a skill that results in income is one thing, but actually enjoying yourself while you’re occupied in the exercise of that skill is quite another thing. Fortunately, most beauty professionals actually love their work. The old saying may sound cliched, but it’s still true: If you find work that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Why drag yourself out of bed for work that you hate when you could get up every day, eager to put your creativity and artistry to work on yet another client whose eyes will light up when she sees how amazing you’ve made her look?

You get to live a life of beauty, creativity, and artistry

Once you’ve finished your studies to become a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, you’ll discover that you’ve actually only scratched the surface of what’s possible to achieve in the beauty field. You’ll love the opportunity to further your training with add-on courses on advanced topics like microblading, eyelash extensions, or spray tans. Not only that, you’ll absolutely thrive on the opportunity to work in an industry where you yourself get to look pretty, poised and polished every day. Say goodbye to sweaty jobs or ugly work-issued polo shirts. You’ll be the model that all your clients will want to emulate, the princess in your own little kingdom.

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