Beauty and Hair Academy in Pittsburgh

The world of beauty is expanding farther than ever before. Today, it seems you can make any passion a full-time job. As creativity is being far more embraced, this offers people more opportunities to get jobs that they enjoy. At South Hills Beauty Academy, we want to fuel your passion. At our hair and beauty academy, you will learn the things you need to become an expert esthetician and support yourself in a career that your enjoy.

Your Creative Outlet

Perhaps you don’t want to work behind a desk for the rest of your life. The good new is that not all dependable employment has to be behind the confines of a desk. Instead, you can attend our academy and gain skills that will keep you competitive in the job market. With our help, you will be able to learn skills such as hair and makeup styling. If you have a passion for everything beauty-related from hair to semi-permanent beauty procedures, South Hills Beauty Academy is perfect for you! Nowhere else will you be able to freely express your creativity and show the world what you can do. At our beauty academy, you will be given access to incredible instructors that will be able to teach you how to use professional products and make them look spectacular on your clients.

You Can Make Others Feel Beautiful

How many careers do you know of that can make others feel like a million bucks? At South Hills Beauty Academy, you are trained to make people look and feel at their very best. With a career option such as this, you will have the ability to make people look their best for important occasions or situations.
With other jobs it can feel like your contributions to society are limited. But, as an esthetician, you will have a list of clients that you will be able to help every day of your career. Better still, you will be able to get to know your clients and ensure that they look their absolute best for whatever is going on in their lives. As an esthetician, you can have the satisfaction of helping others look like perfection.

Following a Passion

When at our hair and makeup academy, you will be given the chance to follow your passion. At our beauty school, we invite people who like to create and enhance their world for the better. At South Hills Beauty Academy, you will be trained to make beautiful creations and advance your skill-set from hair styling and makeup design. Whether you are already skilled in hair and makeup, or haven’t picked up a brush or comb before, our staff can train you to become an expert. With the skills you will learn here, you will be able to go out into the job market and use your talents for an exciting career path.

Increasing Your Job Opportunities

South Hills Beauty Academy can give you the opportunity to change your life. Instead of working somewhere where you feel burnt out, getting a job you appreciate will help you feel better about what you are contributing to the world around you. Don’t settle for a job just because it offers you a wage, receive employment from a place that fuels your passion and offers you a sense of enjoyment. With a job you love, you will feel not only fulfilled, but be able to support yourself doing what you love. Best of all, when you love your job, you are more likely to devote yourself fully to it. This will help you receive other, higher paying jobs and even one day teach others your skill-set.

South Hills Beauty Academy

If you are interested in starting a fresh new life in a career path you are sure to enjoy, our beauty academy could be right for you. Here, you will be able to meet other creative people just like you, preparing themselves for the professional world. At our beauty school, you will be able to improve your skills and learn new and exciting ways to create beautiful hair and makeup styles. With our help and lessons, you can enhance your skills and propel yourself to have the dream job you have always hoped for. Contact us today if you would like to enroll in our school or learn more about our programs.