It’s no secret that taking care of your hair is important. But what are the best ways to go about doing that? In this blog post from South Hills Beauty Academy in Pittsburg, we will discuss four hair self-care routines that you should be indulging in. These routines will help keep your hair healthy and looking its best. Read on to learn more!

Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to get it trimmed regularly. This will help to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Aim to get a trim every six to eight weeks.

Deep Condition Your Hair

Another great way to care for your hair is to deep condition it on a regular basis. This will help to nourish and hydrate your strands, making them softer and more manageable. Deep conditioning treatments can be done at home or at our student salon and spa.

Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage:

If you use heat styling tools on a regular basis, it’s important that you protect your hair from heat damage. Use a heat protectant spray before blow drying or using any heated styling tools. This will help to keep your hair healthy and prevent damage.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to hair care is to be gentle with your strands. Avoid using harsh chemicals, excessive heat, and tight hairstyles that can pull on your hair. Be gentle when brushing and washing your hair, and it will thank you in the long run!

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